Distance, speed, comfort, safety, value – Dream the WOLF,
we did – the most advanced general aviation plane in the sky. 

Message From Founder

Captain Robert Hensley


As Founder and CEO of Hensley Aircraft, and on behalf of our crew, I want to welcome you to our new website. Our new website however represents only one of the numerous changes we’ve made.


Our biggest change was put into motion in 2018 with the hire of a President with global, Executive, high tech manufacturing, IT and design thru production experience in highly regulated markets – meet Mr. Philip St. Ores. While the product drivers for the Wolf were based on a lifetime of experiences and needs from a multitude of pilots, once the project got deep into the R&D cycle I realized before it went into manufacturing, similar experiences from the manufacturing world would be needed and this is why Mr. St. Ores has joined our crew. 


Mr. St. Ores spent over a year reviewing our prototype, general aviation industry and the needs of our customers. The hard decision was made to step back from our original 4-seater design and migrate to a 6-seater, we call our Rev2 Strategy.  Rev2 is not just an upgrade to a 6-seater, it will leverage the most advanced technology in the general aviation industry. 


Mr. St. Ores’ 30+ years of high-tech manufacturing in combination with my 30+ years of flying has brought about opportunities in design that will bring excitement to the skies.  Rev2 is what drives us every day and for the customer it will mean an offering of much higher quality, superior performance and a vastly enhanced operating environment - for less money.  Experienced aviators who have spent years walking through Oshkosh and seen the flying prototypes that never made it into manufacturing will understand this decision. Many of these offerings even had numerous presales, yet they simply could not achieve sustainable manufacturing. We at Hensley don’t intend to make that mistake.


Rev2 included an in-depth market analysis and while the majority of features that were laced into the Wolf’s DNA will remain, several market upgrades will be infused to differentiate the Proof of Concept Wolf vs. what our market offering will be. It will also undergo 100% re-engineering that will encompass and advantage significant increases in both technology and methodologies in our manufacturing and business practices.